#364 – ШП

I have no idea what the Russian characters ШП mean, if they even mean anything. Which I think tells you more about this game than I can find words for.

ШП is, at least in theory, a puzzle game. In practice it’s a hideous garbled mess of Windows UI elements with no explaination of how they’re related. It’s the ultimate tinkerers toy. Click things randomly and see what they do until hopefully eventually you’re able to figure out how to make it do something right. It makes me feel the same way as when you can only find the Russian version of a piece of software. It’s infuriatingly obtuse to try to do even the simplest thing and it’s fantastic the moment you figure out how to do anything.

ШП is unapologetically not for everyone. It specifically doesn’t explain anything to you and expects you to figure out all the logic for yourself. People who enjoy this kind of logic will be hard pressed to find another game that comes close to it though. I personally enjoy it, but I’ve definitely had to close it out of frustration and come back later at times. ШП is one of the most interesting challenges I’ve ever faced and I’m eager to find what else it has within.

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