#363 – The Low Road

The Low Road has a lot going for it. It’s a spy themed point and click adventure with some adorable art and great voice acting. Yet it seems to do everything in its power to not be a good game.

The Low Road casts you as Noomi Kovacs, fresh out of spy school and ready to work. Unfortunately you’re a bit late to the punch. Technology has replaced most field work, and your job is a lot less glamorous and a lot more clerical than you were hoping. This sets you up for your first task, getting the rest of the staff out of the way so you can be promoted to the companies single field agent. Inevitably this sets off a chain of events and you’re thrust headfirst into the game of corporate espionage.

This all sounds great, unfortunately The Low Road fails to hit a lot of the design points that make a point and click adventure work. The puzzles especially are very straight forward. You’re never working on multiple objectives at a time. There’s only ever one action you can successfully take, and after that you’ll be allowed to do the next action. It manages to make puzzles feel like busy work. Just walking around to click on the next thing that can be clicked on. It’s utterly disappointing that such a great looking game manages to fall so flat. The end of the game doesn’t even manage to be satisfying, instead showing you a fleeting view of what they were trying to pull off, but just didn’t manage to hit.

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