#361 – Hackmud

I had to squeeze in one more hacking game before the end of the year, and Hackmud has been on my radar for a while. An MMO hacking game where you’ll be writing scripts to run against other players in real time.

I unfortunately think a lot of people won’t get to the meat of Hackmuds gameplay. There’s a rather lengthy tutorial in your way before you get let off the leash to play online. Lengthy as in two hours. If you can work your way through it though you get one of the most unusual hacking games I’ve ever played. At its core, Hackmud is a game about trust. You’re thrown in the deep end to chat with all the other players who will all tell you a variety of ways to get started. Some of them are being completely honest, trying to help new players. Others are trying to mess with you. Get you to run scripts which send them all your money. It’s a player driven game, with a player driven economy, and player driven stories. There are heroes and villains in the world of Hackmud and people are more than happy to tell you all about them.

Hackmud is fantastic in the way it lets users drive the content, but I often found myself more interested in the stories that come from it than actually playing it myself. It’s an enjoyable game but it feels like all the cool stuff is happening at a level above me, and I’m not quite dedicated enough to get there.

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