#359 – Cookies vs Claus

Holiday themed games usually suck. Rushed out to coincide with their chosen holiday. It’s Christmas today though, so why not play¬†Cookies vs Claus?

I absolutely love asymmetrical multiplayer games. The idea of a game where it’s almost a different game depending who you’re playing as is really appealing to me. It was surprising to find such a great example in a random early access Christmas game. Cookies vs Claus is a multiplayer battle where a team of fragile and small cookies battle with the large imposing Santa stomping around. There’s a variety of weapons and items you can use against your opponent. From bringing toys to life as Santa to summoning a mouse in a mech suit as the cookies.

Cookies vs Claus is a great example of how a solid idea can hold up a game. The game is a buggy mess. The art isn’t great. The balance is off, cookies seem to have it a lot easier. Yet despite all of this it’s good stupid fun. They’ve put a surprising amount of content into this silly little game and it’s perfect for a good laugh with friends.

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