#358 – Fantasy Strike

I love fighting games, but I admit they’re difficult to get into. There’s a barrier to entry in most fighting games that cause a lot of people to completely disengage with them. I am incredibly happy to see a project like¬†Fantasy Strike¬†come along and try to change that. A fighting game for everyone, simple to pick up but hard to master.

There’s so much that interests me about the design of Fantasy Strike. Simplifying fighting games isn’t an easy task, so it’s interesting to see which parts they decided to remove. Replacing the command execution for special moves is an obvious start. Your special moves are simply assigned to two buttons. As you look further it gets more interesting. Fantasy Strike has no ducking. So there’s no high low mix ups. Blocking is just holding back for every move in the game. The best addition for accessibility though, is the yomi counter system. Throws in Fantasy Strike can be countered by just… doing nothing. It’s the epitome of the fighting game mantra ‘stop pushing buttons’ and I love it.

Fantasy Strike is incredible in how it manages to squeeze depth out of low complexity. All the markers of a standard fighting game are there. You’ve got zoners, rushdown and mix up characters. You’ve got tick throws. You’ve even got an interesting variation on a charge character. Yet it sticks to its three button system the entire time. It takes 30 seconds to learn a character. In fact all of a characters command list can fit on a single screen. It’s incredibly to see how well they pulled it off, and it’s a fantastic way to get people into fighting games.

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