#357 – Plug & Play

Do you ever see something that’s not technically sexual, but you feel weird about seeing it anyway? That feeling is the entirety of playing Plug & Play.

Plug & Play is weird. It’s a weird art game based on a short film of the same name. It consists nearly entirely of plugging power cables into sockets. Except sometimes the cables and sockets are peoples heads and… not their heads. It’s certainly an interesting game. I had trouble looking away from it once I got started. The animation is spectacular and the sound design manages to capture everything with an uncomfortably visceral feeling.

Plug & Play makes you a part of something that feels so wrong, yet by no definition actually reaches it. It’s an uncomfortable yet engaging experience. Did I enjoy it? I’m not even sure. Would I recommend it? Absolutely! It’s a game that basks in its own weirdness. It invites you to view, but not necessarily to understand. It’s not desperate to hit you with a deeper meaning, it just wants you to be involved in it. I love it for being unapologetic in its weirdness, and I want other people to experience the discomfort I felt.

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