#356 – Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

Framing devices are an interesting thing that you don’t often see in games, so I always like seeing them especially if they do something interesting with them. That’s what initially drew me to Blossom Tales: The Sleeping KingA Zelda inspired game as told by a grandfather to his grandchildren.

Now when I say ‘Zelda inspired’ what I really mean is Zelda clone. Blossom Tales unapologetically borrows from 2D Zelda games, especially Link to the Past. I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing. Zelda is one of my favourite games series. Blossom Tales has some nice bright pixel art which is always nice. Gameplay feels nice, although it becomes really obvious which parts don’t match Zelda (Bombs are way harder to throw in Blossom). The story is a bit simplistic. You’re a new knight on a quest to save the king. It’s also where the most interesting moments come from.

Like I said, Blossom Tales is told as a story. So throughout the game you get little interjections from the narrator, as well as his grandchildren. The children often interject with glee or surprise as you battle various foes. One of the most interesting moment to me though, was when the grandchildren disagreed. You enter a new zone and the two children argue over what kind of enemies are there. You’re then given a choice of which of them are correct, and suddenly the area is full of enemies. It’s a small moment that gets repeated throughout the game, but it’s a neat way to incorporate an extra layer to the story.

Blossom Tales is definitely an enjoyable game, but is bogged down by its familiarity. It never quite manages to grow beyond its inspiration, which is unfortunate because the things that it does differently are the most enjoyable parts of it.

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