#355 – Mushroom Délicieux

Resource management is a concept as old as games themselves. Whether it’s health or money or super meter you’ve always got something running low. In Mushroom Délicieux it happens to be food.

Mushroom Délicieux is a small arcade style game. The kind where your only goal is to last as long as possible. Your character is dropped in the middle of a forest and they are hungry. Find mushrooms on the forest floor and eat them to keep your stomach full. Unfortunately you’re not exactly a survivalist, so the more mushrooms you eat, the more psychedelic the game becomes.

Mushroom Délicieux is an exercise is excess. The ridiculously over the top graphical effects that get more and more prominent as you play result in an unusual difficulty curve. Strictly speaking the game isn’t getting more difficult, it’s just more difficult to actually distinguish the game through all the effects. It’s an impressive feat given the limitations of the pico-8. It always surprises me to see the scale and ingenuity of people using the system.

Like a lot of these smaller arcade style games it’s difficult to actually recommend Mushroom Délicieux as anything beyond a time waster. It’s enjoyable, but you’re not likely to come back to it.

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