#354 – Ready Player Fuck

There’s a movie adaptation coming out soon for the book Ready Player One. If you’re not willing to wait though, Ready Player Fuck has already adapted the book in its purest form.

Ready Player Fuck is unsurprisingly a satire of Ready Player One. Exaggerating the flaws of the book by reducing it to it’s lowest common denominator. Over saturation of pop culture references with no actual substance behind it. You play as Zach Touchdown on his quest to find all the pages of Ernest Clean’s almanac. This task involves exploring various pop culture inspired worlds and completing a variety of tasks in them to level up. Leveling up lets you unlock more worlds to explore and more pages to collect.

I will admit, I’m not a fan of the original book, so I’m happy to laugh at its expense. Ready Player Fuck does manage to put together some weird and wondeful moments. Exploring isn’t about finding the new exciting landscape. It’s the morbid curiosity of what the next pop culture monstrosity is going to be. I will openly admit that this game is stupid and shallow as far as satire goes, but I enjoy it out of sheer distaste for the content it’s waiting.

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