#353 – PEG

I have very clear memories of being young and learning peg solitaire from a family friend. I got completely obsessed with it for months. Despite remembering this, I thought it was a good idea to try PEG

PEG is a simple extension of the classic peg solitaire formula. You’re given red and blue pegs on a board and your goal is to remove all but one of each colour. Pegs can only be moved by jumping them over another peg. If the peg you jumped was the same colour, it gets removed.

The multicolour addition makes for some interesting new possibilities. Especially since you’re now able to move pegs without removing any by jumping a peg of the opposite colour. The hand crafted levels also provide a nice difficulty ramp that makes me feel a lot better about my skills than I did when I was young. The minimalist style is great, although the interfaces could use some work. Everything is done with symbols so there’s no language barrier, but it’s occasionally difficult to find options you’re looking for.

PEG is great fun but I knew I would enjoy it from the start. It’s a solid puzzle with a good amount of content. Plus random daily levels if you finish it all off.

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