#352 – The Trolley

Anyone who has met me will be able to tell you I absolutely despise the train system in my city. That said, it’s still an important part of the city and I can appreciate that a lot would be lost if it went away. That’s sort of what The Trolley is about.

The Trolley casts you as a demolition worker in charge of dismantling the recently discontinued trolley line. It presents it’s story in a series of multiple choice options, each representing a different thought for your internal monologue. The entire game is this. Disassemble, monologue, disassemble, monologue. It asks you to consider how all these changes affect the city in the long run, and how these sorts of changes have affected things in your own past.

I have bittersweet thoughts about the whole experience. Despite my dislike of the train system, I must admit it was an important part in my early steps towards independence. It’s weird to be forced to consider spaces where these things don’t exist, and how that would affect people. It’s a thoughtful game, but it’s such a specific topic of thoughtfulness that it requires a certain type of person to appreciate it. I’m not entirely sure I was that kind of person.

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