#351 – Vengeance

I can be quite competitive with certain games, but I find I have a hard time finding friends to play with after I get obsessed with a game. Sometimes you wish you could play against someone exactly as skilled as you. Which is exactly what Vengeance promises.

Mechanically Vengeance is very simple. You move left and right and shoot. Your goal is to kill every enemy on the opposing side of the screen. The game begins with one enemy that doesn’t move at all. After you’ve killed it, the sides flip and you have to defeat the recording of your previous round. Once you manage that the sides flip again. Adding more and more recording into a frenzy of a battle.

Recording a players inputs is a mechanic I’ve seen a few times before, but the variation of making the player compete against themselves makes Vengeance really unique. Attempting to get far in the game requires giving up a piece of your natural instinct. Shooting a lot is useful for finishing the current round but will mess up your next round quickly. It’s better to be slow and accurate so there’s less danger later on. Interesting strategies arise the more you play and it makes for an engaging little time waster.

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