#350 – Gorogoa

A lot of game review websites have released their ‘game of the year’ lists at this point. Unfortunately for all of them, they should have waited a little longer for GorogoaOne of the most beautiful and interesting games I’ve ever played.

Gorogoa is a puzzle game about moving tiles. Each tile contains gorgeous hand drawn illustrations and they must be arranged relative to one another to progress. Your character may reach a dead end until you place a new tile next to him to extend the path futher. More interestingly, certain tiles have a layering effect. When you attempt to move the tile you’ll find you only remove one layer, revealing a new illustration beneath which may in turn be altered to affect the upper layer in new ways.

Gorogoa is a game that doesn’t have to prove anything to you. It knows what it wants to do and it expects you to learn the language to interact with it correctly. It doesn’t guide you through, rather it slowly teaches you what to look for so each discovery feels like your own. It’s an incredibly clever puzzle that makes you feel clever just by learning to interact with the world.

I can’t express enough how brilliant Gorogoa is. It is undoubtedly one of the most memorable puzzle games I’ve ever played.

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