#349 – Post Capitalism

I have a number of friends who believe strongly in socialist ideals. It’s a weird topic to talk to people about, and it’s difficult to even get to a point where reasonable discussion is possible. So I appreciate¬†Post Capitalism¬†for providing an easily digestible introduction to some of the ideas behind it all.

Now upfront I think it’s important to admit that Post Capitalism is a very biased game. It paints socialism as an obvious answer to every problem in society, while obviously there’s a lot more nuance to the situation. I think it needs to be looked at as more of a conversation starter.

Post Capitalism gives you a small city block under a capitalist regime. It asks you to improve the various issues in the city by switching buildings to run on socialism. Unfortunately, some ideals are intertwined such that improving one reverts the other. When you come across situations like this you can analyze the relation and attempt to fix the underlying issue. You win when you’ve brought the entire city to socialism.

I honestly find it difficult to give an opinion on Post Capitalism. I don’t necessarily agree with its message, but it’s a good way to introduce someone to some of the core beliefs of the mindset. It’s a good way to move into a more in depth discussion and I think it would be a great tool to breach the subject with some people. That said, the somewhat rose tinted view of the whole thing can make it feel like it’s trying to influence you in a way you don’t want, which may close some people off from further discussion.

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