#346 – Hyper Diapers

I occasionally babysit my nieces. Nothing in the world stresses me out quite as much as trying to keep three young children alive. Why in the world anyone would want to make a gams about it is beyond me. Yet Hyper Diapers exists none the less.

Hyper Diapers is a game about keeping your concerningly rapidly increasing number of babies safe from the hazards of the house. The controls are simple drag and drop. If a baby is using a dangerous red object for too long, you’ll lose. If you place them inside a safe blue object they’ll be on timeout for a short duration while you deal with other things. Other things in this case refers to more babies.

Hyper Diapers is ridiculous and it plays into that a lot. The physics are made so babies are constantly flying all over the place. The art is adorable and it’s fun to see all the silly images of babies stuffed in places they shouldn’t be. It’s a nicely made version of a silly idea and that’s not a bad thing.

Hyper Diapers is a good little time waster. It’s not going to hold you for more than a few minutes, but those few minutes will definitely be enjoyable.

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