#288 – Greetings

When you’re a kid it feels like secret handshakes are going to be a bigger thing than they ever really turn out to be. I feel like Greetings is the logical extreme to that.

Greetings is a game about chatting to your old friends at a party, and trying to remember the secret handshakes you had. The game is split into two parts. Walking around the party and performing handshakes. When you’re walking around you can interact with all the objects in the area, although there’s actually not that much reason to. You can also talk to people. When you talk to someone for the first time they will initiate a handshake. Handshakes are controlled by awkwardly trying to position your fingers to match theirs, then bumping hands. The interaction sort of reminds me of Surgeon Simulator.

The game has a lot of charm. The art is cute and the concept is silly. There’s something I enjoy about the casualness of the dialogue too. It captures the chill energy of a quiet moment at a party well. Greetings honestly had more to offer than I expected from the weird secret handshake game. Honestly though, all you need to know is that if you find the cat, the game treats batting the cats paw as another handshake.

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