#28 – The Chinese Room

There’s a thought experiment that says if you put a person in a room with a library of Chinese books, showing them the correct response to every possible statement, that person could hold a conversation with an outside party despite not understanding Chinese. This concept extends to artificial intelligence. If a computer is made to give all the correct responses, that does not mean they truly have a consciousness. So on that note. The Chinese Room is a game where you try to convince someone that you’re a human. The problem being your human body does not appear to run automatically.

I have a fondness for games involving simple tasks with awful controls. At its core, The Chinese Room is a simple dialogue tree. Have a conversation, and try to get the information you need out of the woman in front of you. The challenge coming from the fact that you need to constantly keep your body running. One button makes your heart beat. Another lets you blink. Another still to breathe. You need to get all that sorted before you can even think about trying to respond to the conversation. Its a short game, the length coming more so from trying to complete all your objectives without being discovered. The short length helps that, as failure is not too punishing of a proposition. The art and sound are good, but definitely not going to be the reason people stick with this game. Mechanics are where it’s at with The Chinese Room.

Given that The Chinese Room is free, and short. I’d say it’s definitely worth a look if you want a different sort of challenge than usual.

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