#015 – Party Hard

Listen, I’m not going to pretend¬†Party Hard is the most deep and thoughtful game on the planet, but sometimes you just wanna kill people. The people over at tinyBuild certainly know how to make a good murder simulator. Part stealth game, part strategy, Party Hard is everything great about a cheesy 80s slasher flick made into a game. Using the environment, items or just your trusty knife your goal is to clear out the entire level of partiers without getting caught by the cops. It’s a fun game with a good chunk of experimentation.

The ridiculous 80s synth pop soundtrack really sets the scene for a game that never takes itself too seriously. It’s gruesome and silly and it knows that about itself. The pixel art is gorgeous in the cutscenes, but somewhat unmemorable¬†during gameplay. The biggest problem with this game is the cutscene voice acting. It’s… not good, and not bad enough to be good in a cheesy way. Which is unfortunate, although I can’t say I was overly invested in the story. Party Hard isn’t a game about delivering an intense narrative. It’s just damn fun to kill people.

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