#014 – Micron

Micron is a nicely packaged bite sized puzzle game by Apparition Games. Simple in concept, and well executed. While the gameplay isn’t really anything new, simply deflecting bullets to a goal, the integration of sound makes for a much more interesting presentation. Everything in Micron makes a sound. The bullets being fired. Every time they bounce. Anything they hit. It all adds together into a small, seemingly random song. Different levels even give you different sounds to play with. Blue levels play chiptune, green levels are percussive, and grey levels sound like rain. It’s a clever way to add variety to an otherwise relatively standard game.

Unforunately, the solutions to levels, especially the earlier ones, don’t always sound particularly good. It’s an interesting complaint to have to make against a game. Having the sound reflect the gameplay is a cute concept but it can sometimes diminish the feeling of beating a level. On the plus side, it’s the only real complaint I can make about an otherwise incredibly solid puzzle game. If you want a decent puzzle on your phone to beat a level or two while you’re in the bathroom, Micron is a very good choice.

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