#013 – Layers of Fear

It’s Friday the 13th! So I felt the need to play something suitably spooky. I can’t say that I play too many horror games, they’re not usually my cup of tea. I can acknowledge that Layers of Fear by Bloober Team is a good example of the genre though. At least for the first half. Unfortunately, for me at least, Layers of Fear seems to go on about twice as long as it needs to. It shows you everything it needs to in the first half of the game, and as you continue playing it all gets rather desensitised. It feels formulaic. Five rooms of build up, then a jump scare. By half way through, I was bored, but the game kept going without really changing anything.

On the plus side, the sound design is great. Which is a near necessity for a good horror. The art is also good but a bit generic. It shows off what unity can do as an engine more so than a lot of games, but it’s not exactly a style with a lasting presence. The story was okay, I only played through one of the possible endings, so I can’t help but feel like I missed a few things. Overall, Layers of Fear has a good few frights, but I doubt it’s going to stick in my mind for long.

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