#009 – Lieve Oma

Lieve Oma is a beautifully heartfelt little game by Florian Veltman. A quiet walk through the forest, picking mushrooms with your grandma, and talking about life. It’s a slow game, with wonderful art and relaxing music. It sets a mood when you’re playing and it sets it well. Lieve Oma oozes sentiment. You can really feel the relationship between the creator and their grandmother. The grandma character comes across as a supportive but non intrusive figure in the childs life. Letting them speak when they feel that they can’t.  It’s an important relationship dynamic that I haven’t seen explored in games before.

Unfortunately Lieve Oma suffers from a couple of pieces of awkwardness in its implementation. When I first attempted playing with a controller, the game felt awkward and clunky. Especially when it came to the camera. Switching to mouse and keyboard definitely remedied that somewhat. Unfortunately the way the camera tracks the characters makes it uncomfortably jerk forward every time they take a step. In an otherwise slow and measured experience, it feels awkward and out of place. While it definitely doesn’t ruin the experience, it does take away from it slightly. It’s unfortunate, but the game is still an incredibly lovely experience.

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