#007 – Gunpoint

Let’s talk about stealth games. I love stealth games. Planning your path around guards and security cameras. Tossing up between the risky but quick strategy, or the slow but safe strategy. Gunpoint is all the things I love about stealth games rolled up into a beautiful noir package. The writing between missions is funny and clever. All the characters feel different, with all of them having different goals. Including, on many occasions, contradictory goals forcing you to work against yourself. During missions, the controls are tight, the levels are well designed, excluding some occasional clipping issues Gunpoint is wonderfully polished.

The main mechanics, the ability to rewire electronics within the level, gives you a lot of resources to work with. It never feels like the game is against you. Everything works just as well for you as it does for the guards. It also gives rise to a lot of different ways to solve a level, which I feel wasn’t explored enough in the main game. The good news in that regard is that the game includes a level editor, and there are enormous numbers of spectacular levels on the steam workshop.

The main story is short. About three hours to beat. With a few possible narrative branches. Unfortunately, making these different choices in the story doesn’t change anything in the gameplay. Whether you’re breaking into a building to steal or destroy some evidence, the levels are exactly the same. Gunpoint is an incredibly fun game. If you’re looking for a stealth game with five minute missions, it’s definitely worth your time.

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