#005 – Lumbermancer

I love games with simple plots, and Roger Biersborn‘s Lumbermancer definitely delivers on that. You play the titular wizard on his glorious quest to… make a sandwich… It’s a silly game with a silly plot, but that’s all it needs because this game is all about mechanics. Built around simultaneously controlling two characters in a co-operative beat ’em up style game. Your wizard is unable to defeat enemies on his own, but can summon log minions to do the work for him. Juggling between fighting enemies, casting support spells, and gathering resources, it makes for a hectic game.

The art is adorable, the music and sounds are wonderful, and the humour is silly in all the right ways. The biggest fault, however, is that the game is incredibly glitchy. In the time I was playing I saw animations get stuck, objects stay on screen when they shouldn’t have, and at one point I walked through the wall of the store and was unable to get back on screen. It’s unfortunate as it makes it difficult to play this otherwise charming little game. Pair that with the complete lack of sound or graphics options you get Lumbermancer. A fun game filled with mild annoyances. Like a box of chocolates with one too many coffee flavoured.

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