#003 – The Endless Express

Before I can say anything about The Endless Express I’d like to acknowledge the very obvious disclaimer on their download page. The group of people responsible for the project released it in an early state when they realised they lacked the¬†experience to finish it the way they wanted. I respect that decision a lot. The rough edges of The Endless Express are very obvious. The controls feel clunky, the GUI is awkward, and there’s a fair share of bugs. If you can get past all of that however, this game has a lot of heart.

After falling asleep on the train you find yourself in an unfamiliar area. While working your way back home through the rail system, you can chat with and befriend the various locals. Some are charming, some are strange, and some of them are kind of¬†assholes. It definitely conveys the interesting sorts of people you see in a near empty train station, although a lot of the characters can feel very two dimensional. The writing feels like another rough edge which, while I can’t be mad about, took me out of the experience more so than the mechanical issues.

The Endless Express is something of a three legged dog of a game. Clumsy, missing a few pieces, but lovable in its own way.

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