#001 – INSIDE

A long time ago, in the far off year of 2010, indie studio Playdead released a game called Limbo. It was a near instant classic, loved for its dark atmosphere and moody visuals. Naturally, when Playdead announced their follow up project Inside, building heavily on ideas introduced in its predecessor, people were very excited.

I was not one of these people. Limbo never appealed to me. So I overlooked Inside, reasoning that it looked like a 3D Limbo. After playing it I can say wholeheartedly, I was wrong. Inside is everything Limbo tried to be and so much more. It smoothed all the rough edges that had left a bitter taste in my mouth. It’s grim, it’s engaging, but most of all it’s purposeful in a way that Limbo just wasn’t. Inside never felt like a chore. It never felt like I was playing filler. Every step, every jump, and every puzzle has a purpose, all building up to the greater purpose of figuring out what on earth this game is even about.

Inside is exactly what it sets out to be. A strange, macabre tale with more questions than answers. If that’s what you want from a game, nothing else delivers it in quite as polished and succinct of a package.

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